January 2024

Drs. Heidi Carpenter and Alice Trye, Residents, OB/GYN - GWU Hospital

Heidi Carpenter
Alice Trye


Drs. Dallas Soyland, Timothy Singer, Madeleine Smith, Peter Harris, ​and Chase Foster, Residents, Neurosurgery​ - GWU Hospital​

Dallas Soyland
Timothy Singer
Madeleine Smith
Peter Harris
Chase Foster


Dr. Will Sweetser, Resident, Emergency Medicine - GWU Hospital ICU

Will Sweetser


Dr. Arielle Effron, Attending, OB/GYN​ - GWU Hospital

Arielle Effron


Dr. Andrew Becker, Attending, Neurology​ - GWU MFA​

Andrew Becker


Dr. Colin Walters, Attending, OB/GYN​ - Inova Alexandria

Colin Walters


Dr. Prarthana Hareesh, Resident, Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine​ - GWU Hospital​​

Prarthana Hareesh


Previous Accolade Recipients

December 2023

December 2023

Christopher Pile

Dr. Christopher Pile, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Geriatrics & Palliative Medicine - GWU Hospital
"I just wanted to say thank you again for having me on your team this past week. I truly enjoyed learning from your approach with patients and their families during what must be a very vulnerable time for them. It reminded me that kindness and compassion are at the core of medicine. Thank you for your positive and thoughtful mentorship throughout the week!”


Simranjeet Singh Sran

Dr. Simranjeet Singh Sran, Attending Neonatologist, Children's National Hospital
"He was supportive, fostered a kind working environment, and facilitated discussion.”


November 2023

November 2023

Roxana Nouri-Nikbakht

Dr. Roxana Nouri-Nikbakht, Resident, OB/GYN - GWU Hospital
"Roxy made my inpatient OB experience amazing. She modeled how to be a great team player, knowing all of the nurses, staff, and patients, and treating every person on the unit with respect. Roxy didn’t let her clinical responsibilities get in the way of spending time teaching medical students, even on chaotic shifts. I appreciated that she tailored her teaching towards our individual interests while also emphasizing skills and concepts that were integral towards the specialty as a whole. Thanks for a great couple of weeks Roxy!”


Mary Matecki

Dr. Mary Matecki, Resident, Surgery - GWU Hospital
"Mary was my resident on the Surgery clerkship at Holy Cross and she provided an excellent educational experience. She created a great balance between allowing me to see patients independently and to perform some patient care independently, but also was available for supervision, guidance, and support when needed. She created an environment that challenged me to think and to progress beyond my own perceived limits. I appreciated that she regularly checked in with me to ensure that I was learning and progressing. I am so appreciative of her commitment to teaching.”


Junseo Lee

Dr. Junseo Lee, Resident, Internal Medicine - GWU Hospital
"Jun was the senior resident on my medicine team and was an incredible leader and educator to the medical students. He was extremely patient with us and never made us feel like we were in the way, but rather went out of his way to teach us and make us feel supported. In particular, I was inspired by his passion for patient care. Overall he was very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming and facilitated a positive learning environment."

Andrew Ferriby and Marc Spencer

Drs. Marc Spencer and Andrew Ferriby, Faculty, Anatomy and Cell Biology - GWU Hospital
"Dr. Spencer and Dr. Ferriby are phenomenal block directors. They did a wonderful job at sequentially laying out the difficult content matter in a way that was digestible, and also provided regular opportunities to reinforce what we were learning. It was also very apparent that both Dr. Spencer and Dr. Ferriby are incredibly empathetic and very socially and culture aware. They consistently went out of their way to be mindful and bring awareness to the social and cultural implications of the subject matter. The MSK block was very well-done overall, and I think it can be attributed fully to the amazing block directors.”


Natasha Mathur

Dr. Natasha Mathur, Resident, Internal Medicine - GWU Hospital
"She is literally amazing. She is smart, dedicated, and extremely inviting. She was the best senior resident that I have worked with thus far. She handled all situations professionally and quickly. She deserves to be recognized for all that she does and continues to do for the patients at GW.”

"During my four-week Internal Medicine rotation at GW, Natasha exemplified the epitome of excellence in leadership and mentorship. Her unwavering support, patience, and genuine care for her team members significantly enhanced my learning experience. She consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to guide and provide constructive feedback, ensuring a supportive and enriching environment for everyone. Natasha’s leadership not only facilitated our professional growth but also made the entire rotation a truly enjoyable and valuable experience. Her dedication to her team and commitment to excellence make her an outstanding candidate for this recognition."

October 2023

October 2023

Sheetal Sheth

Dr. Sheetal Sheth, Faculty, OB/GYN - GWU Hospital
"Dr. Sheth is an amazing educator and is hugely supportive of all residents. She has been one of the most influential to me in terms of my personal development and clinical education in obstetrics over the last 4 years. She is an excellent clinician, and encourages you to constantly be learning and improving on how we can better serve our patients. She is always there for you when you need support, and has been a constant source of advice for any situation. We appreciate her so much for everything she does for the residents!”


Danielle Davison & Katrina Hawkins

Drs. Danielle Davison and Katrina Hawkins, Faculty, Critical Care Medicine - GWU Hospital
"Dr. Davison and Dr. Hawkins were always were there for me when I needed them. They are living proof of that you can be an AMAZING doctor and an incredible human being at the same time. Efficient, kind, humble, smart....they are my greatest mentors forever! I am honored to be part of a fellowship program led by such strong women. LOVE THEM BOTH FOREVER!"

Samuel Schueler

Dr. Samuel Schueler, Faculty, Gastroenterology - GWU Hospital
"Dr. Samuel Schueler is passionate about his work and has dedicated so much to his patients and mentees. He also goes above and beyond for everyone else."

Fernando Mayor Basto

Dr. Fernando Mayor Basto, Faculty, Neurology - GWU Hospital
"Dr. Fernando Mayor Basto is always available to be a mentor. He provides a great environment for residents to learn, always takes the opportunity to teach, and encourages us to be our best selves. He is great with patients, very caring, and goes above and beyond to provide the best care for his patients in the hospital and in clinic."

Members of the 6 South Team at GWU Hospital

6 South Team, ​Psychiatry Unit​ - GWU Hospital​
"The people on 6 S are what makes a difference, from Autumn, the social worker, to the nurses, attendings, and residents. One resident, Rina Samant, was always helpful, encouraging and kind to the students. They all treated us very genuinely as professionals and part of the family. The attendings give didactics, but in a very relaxed manner so that we feel comfortable asking questions. We are given opportunities to take charge and to give presentations at the daily meetings to the whole team."

From left to right: Justin Sevier, M.D.(Resident), Rina Samant,
M.D.(Resident), Pierre Alston(Counselor), Robin Toler,
M.D.(Medical Director),Towanda Nichols(RN), Andrew Matz,
M.D.(Attending), Autumn Evans(S.W.), Faith Gill (RN, Nurse
Manager), Nkesi Anyafulu(RN).


Brenden David Cabana

Dr. Brenden David Cabana, Resident, Internal Medicine and Primary Care - GWU Hospital
"Dr. Cabana has been an extremely supportive resident, he carries the team with confidence and performs at an attending level even though he is a second-year resident. He goes above and beyond social disparities that interfere with our patient's care and anticipates our patient's needs."

September 2023

September 2023

Neha Potlapalli

Dr. Neha Potlapalli, Resident, Internal Medicine - GWU Hospital
"Neha is the type of resident I hope to be one day. She goes out of her way to ensure that the entire team feels supported, gives thoughtful feedback, and challenged me to be a better student doctor. I learned so much working with her!"

Farnaz Farhi

Dr. Farnaz Farhi, Faculty, OB/GYN - GWU Hospital
"Dr. Farhi is my PPS mentor. I've never seen a physician show so much respect for each and every person in the room, nor had I seen one very politely point out the importance of listening to the material in PPS. Dr. Farhi clearly is working to uphold excellence in both the science of medicine as well as its art of connecting and healing humans. She truly empowers many of us, and that seems to be the general consensus. I've been so impressed by how she interacts with us, and she deserves to be shouted out for this."


Sarah Azari

Dr. Sarah Azari, Resident, Urology - GWU Hospital
"Dr. Azari is a phenomenal educator! She made my 2 short weeks on urology a highlight of my third year. She encourages each student to be intellectually curious and thoughtful in their understanding of medical processes. She seeks out additional learning opportunities for students, teaches during and between OR cases, and always ensures the student is part of the team. Thank you, Dr. Azari!."

August 2023

August 2023

Drs. Emmeline Ha, Luis Dominguez, and Marcus Davis

Drs. Emmeline Ha, Luis Dominguez, and Marcus Davis, Primary Care - GWU
"The 3 professors I interacted with regularly - Drs. Ha, Dominguez, and Davis, showed genuine interest in helping me learn more about medicine and how to be a great physician. They offered frequent opportunities for learning and challenged me academically, yet always did so with kindness. Their leadership by example helped me gain a better understanding of how to develop strong and meaningful relationships with patients. These 3 physicians are a great asset to GW both in their teaching capacity and as physicians."


Tahira Lodhi

Dr. Tahira Lodhi, Attending, Geriatrics & Palliative Medicine - GWU
"Dr. Lodhi went above and beyond and showed her love for mentorship and Medicine which inspired me and confirmed my love for this field."

Karolyn Teufel

Dr. Karolyn Teufel, Attending, Internal Medicine - GWU
"I appreciated how invested she was in teaching and her insight into how to write notes effectively. It was also obvious how much she cared for her patients."

Trevor Hebenstreit

Dr. Trevor Hebenstreit, Resident, Anesthesiology
"Dr. Hebenstreit is always willing to coach students through procedures and encouraged us to have confidence to try. Always touched base before rounds and helped set us up for success. I always felt incredibly comfortable asking him for guidance or asking him clinical questions."

Ligia Chanock

Dr. Ligia Chanock, Resident, Pediatrics - Children's National Medical Center
"Ligia Chanock was my senior resident for the entire month and she was absolutely incredible. She made everyone feel like they were a part of the team, gave everybody an appropriate level of responsibility, but was always there to step in if we needed help. She also provided many valuable teaching lessons to the team."

Nicole Borglum

Dr. Nicole Borglum, Pediatric Resident - Children's National Medical Center
"Dr. Borglum is by far the best senior resident I have had the pleasure to work with. She is always a step ahead and taking care of every task that needs to be done. She has incredible clinical knowledge and able to teach us when appropriate. Most of all, she is a kind, supportive, amazing person who treated students with respect."

Kristen Stabingas

Dr. Kristen Stabingas, Fellow, Pediatric Neurosurgery - Children's National Medical Center
"Kristen, the pediatric neurosurgery fellow, was awesome! She always made me feel included and tried to teach and explain things whenever she could."

Kirsten Boone

Dr. Kirsten Boone, Emergency Medicine Resident - GWU
"I modeled my medical notes based on how Dr. Kirsten Boone suggested and got great feedback on them from each subsequent shift! She encouraged writing a succinct HPI with all the pertinent info, but really expanding on the assessment & plan portion to clearly state my rationale for my differentials and which diagnosis was preferred over others. This helped a lot with building my clinical reasoning skills and I noticed a huge improvement by the end of the rotation!"


Assad Hayat

Dr. Assad Hayat, Anesthesiology Resident - GWU
"Assad Hayat was extremely helpful in enabling me to grasp a good understanding of what's it like to take care of patients in the ICU. He also instilled trust in me, allowing me to build my confidence as a student."

John Yi and Rafay Syed

Drs. John Yi and Rafay Syed, Residents, Anesthesiology - GW Hospital
“Although I enjoyed working with all the residents at GW, I especially wanted to highlight Dr. Yi and Dr. Syed, who treated me with respect, patience, and kindness. They really facilitated my learning as a student, and my clinical skills.”

Nidhi Shah

Dr. Nidhi Shah, PGY-1 Resident, Dermatology - VA Medical Center
"Nidhi is an amazing resident who makes sure to take time to give positive feedback to the entire team. She is incredibly kind and cares deeply for her patients and her coworkers. She took time each day to make sure that the team was taking care of themselves and she was always ready to listen. Absolutely amazing resident for the teaching team."


Flavia Cuestas-Quiroz

Dr. Flavia Cuestas-Quiroz, Pediatrics Resident - Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
"Flavia was so kind and genuine the first day I met her. I was supposed to be in Nursery and she was the NICU resident at the time. Because there was not a nursery resident, she gladly allowed me to follow her and though she was busy, she continuously took the time to explain what she was doing. She kept me engaged and involved and simply treated me like a friend. When I was on Inpatient peds, she was on the floor with me. She was intentional about helping me learn, encouraging me to read on certain topics etc. I would say that people try and be nice and kind, but Flavia is truly genuine. She is also so smart, and I learned so much from her. Because of her genuine behavior, you could really see that reflected in the way she would interact with kids and their parents. One memorable moment was when she bent down beside this patient's bed who was very sick due to chemotherapy. You could see that she cared. She is going to be a great attending."


Ian Hunter

Dr. Ian Hunter, Emergency Medicine Resident - GWU
"Ian Hunter created an incredibly inclusive environment, facilitated discussions with students after difficult patient situations and was always willing to teach and answer questions."

July 2023

July 2023

Susan Kartiko

Dr. Susan Kartiko, Faculty, Trauma Center - GWU
“Dr. Kartiko was a great attending to work with. I really enjoyed being a part of the CTACC team and part of that reason was Dr. Kartiko. Not only did she make everyone on the team feel like they were important and had a role, but she also delivers exemplary care to her patients. She is a strong advocate and will go to war for her patients. Dr. Kartiko is the kind of surgeon I aspire to me."

Julie Jacobstein

Dr. Julie Jacobstein, Faculty, Obstetrics & Gynecology - GWU
“Dr. J did an amazing job leading RMC's first OBGYN rotation. Given the fact that this was the program's first year, I was impressed with Dr. J's passion for providing a comprehensive, meaningful experience for our cohort. This passion clearly extended to the residents and interns under her tutelage as well as her attending colleagues and staff. Dr. J has the most enthusiasm I have seen in any attending and she is an excellent teacher. If you have the honor and privilege of having Dr. J's mentorship, you are in the best hands!"


Madeline Hanes

Dr. Madeline Hanes, Resident, Children's National Medical Center
“Dr. Hanes was exceptional in her ability to manage her workload while making time to teach the medical students. She was very clear in her explanations and feedback while also being very personable.”

Chloe Turner

Dr. Chloe Turner, Faculty, Children’s National Medical Center
“Dr. Turner is one of the best pediatricians I got to work with during my Pediatrics rotation. Her patience and energy were exceptional. Her commitment to working with Spanish-speaking families was also very obvious and motivated me in my journey to work with that community!”

Beri Massa-Buck

Dr. Beri Massa-Buck, Neonatologist, GW NICU/Children’s National Medical Center
“Dr. Massa-Buck had to cover well child nursery for a few days, shifting over from the NICU because of travel issues that delayed the regularly scheduled attending. On Day 1, she had just come off a 24hr shift, had a new team of interns, and no fellow, yet still made myself and the other medical student feel important, valued, and like integral parts of the nursery team. In spite of it all she also found time to teach! She did it all with grace and I never heard her complain about the situation once. Beri set an amazing example of how to navigate a difficult day and how to create a nurturing environment that promoted student growth and learning.”

June 2023

June 2023

Haley Bliss

Dr. Haley Bliss, Resident Pediatrics - CNMC
“During my pediatrics rotation, Dr. Haley Bliss stood out as a kind, professional, and excellent teacher. Her guidance was invaluable; she even recommended a relevant podcast to help prepare me for my upcoming time at Children's National.”

Mary Matecki

Dr. Mary Matecki, Resident, General Surgery
“Mary did an amazing job with my peers and I getting us acquainted and oriented to life in the clinical years. She gave us a tour of the hospital we were going to be at for the next 4 weeks and provided more of an orientation than we got from the site's medical education office/attendings, who just told us to figure it out. More importantly, she set clear expectations about what to expect from each day and each week and outlined how to be successful. It made the experience a lot less stressful, especially at a community site where there are no other students to 'phone a friend,' and it made my surgery clerkship experience that much better. Thank you for taking the time out of your day Mary to help some lost MS3s!!”


Ainsley Hughes

Dr. Ainsley Hughes, Resident, OB/GYN
“Dr. Hughes' commitment to our education extended beyond our individual experiences. She ensured that every student she worked with had equal access to learning opportunities. Dr. Hughes consistently fostered an inclusive environment, encouraging active participation and engagement from all students.”

May 2023

May 2023

Dr. Madeline Raudat posing for a portrait

Dr. Madeline Raudat, Surgery Resident
"Dr. Raudat went above and beyond to offer support when I witnessed my first code while on my surgery rotation. She took ample time to talk me through the experience and support me as I processed it. I am so grateful to her and hope to provide the same supportive environment to students when I become an intern."

Dr. Ryan Lin posing for a portrait

Dr. Ryan Lin, Surgery Resident
"Dr. Lin did a wonderful job teaching me while he was the general surgery consulting resident. He taught me the ins and outs of helping navigate patients through the hospital, something I didn’t learn my first two years of medical school! He provides compassionate and thoughtful care to every patient."

April 2023

April 2023

Dr. Timothy Singer posing for a portrait

Dr. Timothy Singer, PGY-1 Neurosurgery
"Dr. Singer goes above and beyond to include students- even those of us who are just shadowing- in the team. He is quick to share his thought processes, ask students to engage in problem solving, and discuss career goals. His background as a pediatrician turned neurosurgeon is an asset to the hospital."

Dr. Rob Young posing for a portrait

Dr. Rob Young, General Surgery Resident
"Dr. Young is hands down the most amazing surgery resident I've worked with over my 8 weeks. Other residents should strive to be more like him, he comes to work with energy, is inviting and friendly, is an amazing teacher, and has the best intentions for patient care and student education."

Drs. Diab and Campbell posing for portraits

Dr. Diab, Dr. Campbell, Attending, Hematology/Oncology at Children’s National Medical Center | Dr. Joshua Glass, Fellow, Hematology/Oncology at Children’s National Medical Center
"Dr. Diab, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Glass were amazing educators and clinicians. They promoted a very strong and comfortable learning environment where a medical student could both be wrong and have some input into the clinical care of patients. They made sure to explain pathophysiology as well as clinical judgement for a vast majority of our mutual patients, and were incredibly approachable. They are the gold standard of teaching fellows."

March 2023

March 2023

Holy Cross Residents posing together for a photo

OBGYN Residents, Holy Cross Hospital
"All of the OBGYN residents at Holy Cross went out of their way to include me. – GW MS3"

Dr. Paul Lin posing for a portrait

Dr. Paul Lin, MD, FACS
"Dr. Lin devotes an incredible amount of time to my clinical education. He spends 3-4 hours every Saturday teaching us about the patients, going over every detail of the case, takes us through radiologic images, and demands that I express my thoughts, even if they are wrong. This has been very instructive to me on how I should be critically thinking about my patients. I feel more prepared for fourth year and beyond."

Dr. Emily Nuss posing for a portrait

Dr. Emily Nuss, PGY 1 Obstetrics and Gynecology
"During my time on L&D, Emily was a wonderful teacher and role model. While learning herself and navigating new situations (gracefully and thoughtfully!), she still took the time to ensure that my experience as a student was engaging and positive. It was clear that patients trusted her and felt supported by her; her patients are lucky to have her!"

Dr. Ryan Salemme posing for a portrait

Dr. Ryan Salemme, Resident Internal Medicine
"Ryan is one of the best people I've worked with all year. He cares not only about his patients, but about the interns and medical students on his team too. He is a great educator and really cares about making sure students are learning the entire time they are at the hospital. I really could not ask for a better senior resident."

Dr. Sara Rahman posing for a portrait

Dr. Sara Rahman, Attending Obstetrics and Gynecology
"Dr. Rahman was one of the most inspiring and welcoming physcians I worked with this year. Observing the way she interacts with and cares for her patients served as a great model for patient-centered care. Each day I worked with her she provided feedback to help me think critically and further develop into the type of physician I hope to one day become."